New Member Spotlight: Pam Houghton

Name: Pam Houghton

Title: Writer/editor/administrator of print and digital advertising; freelance writer

Company/Employer: Lawrence Technological University; self 

Career: I work in Marketing and Public Affairs for Lawrence Technological University, administrating print and digital advertising. I also work as a freelance feature and essay writer and have appeared in local publications including MetroParent, Michigan Prime, Hour Media’s Health Guide, Detroit Jewish News, Crain’s Detroit (custom content division) and many others. I have also written copy for several business and non-profit organizations.

What you should know: 

  • I wrote on the side as a hobby while working in the IT industry for over 20 years.
  • I transitioned to freelance writing after a corporate downsizing during 2008-09 recession.
  • Even though I currently work as a creative, I am strangely good with details. I should probably thank my years in the corporate world for that!
  • I have a professional writer’s website where I (try to) blog on a semi-regular basis:


Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University

AWC focus:

I’ve known about the organization for many years and have attended a handful of their events, which have always been impressive. I recently joined as a result of my role at Lawrence Tech. I have volunteered to work on the marketing committee.

Personal information:

  • Family and/or hometown: I was born in Detroit and live with my husband in Troy, where we raised our two children.
  • General Interests: reading, Netflix, family, puppies
  • Passionate causes: I enjoy writing and contributing stories on the topic of parenting. I guess you could say that’s a passion. There are many layers to parenting and different opinions on how to be a good parent. As an empty-nester, I at least have the perspective to say, you only need to be a “good enough” parent.
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