Ann K. Bruttell, founder and president of Troy-based Meeting Coordinators, Inc., and her team continue to coordinate events and programs that are new and different even after 30 years! In celebrating this milestone anniversary, she shares some company highlights and insight about event planning and management.

What is the largest program you ever coordinated?

It was a convention for Alcoholics Anonymous in New Orleans. Can you imagine 30,000 attendees with no last names?  My logistics background came in handy for that registration. When I coordinated that program in the 1980s, we did not have the computer systems we have today. It was all done on mind and paper power! We have come a long way since and keeping up with technology is an asset for us.

 What was the most unusual or challenging venue?

I have to admit it was crazy unusual…We held a client dinner in the Gorilla House at the zoo. Can’t even remember what city it was…I think I wanted to block the memory! Don’t think I would ever do that again…It was most uncomfortable to be eating with gorillas staring at you. Every other event seems very lame compared to that.

What tips do you have for clients regarding event marketing and communications?

Repetition. We are all so busy that we don’t always see, hear or listen the first time.  Finding creative ways to get the same message across in multiple is the challenge that we work on every day with our clients.

How do clients benefit from your 30 years in event management?

We bring broad experience and depth of knowledge because we have touched so many different industries. We deal with programs for government, politicians, construction, hoteliers, project managers, human resource managers, sales and marketing executives, automotive companies and suppliers, religious organizations, engineers, medical personnel and more. With that knowledge, we can bring best practices to each of our clients, and we are grateful for the experiences. 

Our aim has always been to relieve our clients of the countless overwhelming logistical tasks involved in event planning and management. In every great association or company there comes a time when a conference, seminar, sales meeting or special event must be arranged. Meeting Coordinators, Inc. has a staff of experts to manage the day-to-day operations of your association and also create professional events to exceed your every expectation.

Ann K. Bruttell can be reached at (248) 643-6590. For more about Meeting Coordinators, Inc.  and other member businesses, visit the AWC Detroit Entrepreneur Directory.