Stage 3 Productions in Warren, Mich. has become the go-to studio in the Midwest for automotive, fashion, portrait and product photography as well as large and small video productions. Unlike other facilities that were converted to use as a studio, Stage 3 was designed and purpose-built with the requirements of today’s photography, video, film, production and advertising industries in mind.

The 42,000-sq. ft. studio has two main shooting stages – an exclusive 8,000 sq. ft. rooftop deck studio ideal for creating outdoor photographs and a 1,200 sq. ft. indoor daylight studio. The company’s award-winning creative team supports productions with graphic design, photography and post-production services, including 3D CGI animation, video editing and retouching.

Beth Farley, Stage 3 art director, arranged for photographers Samantha Otto and Erin Beckwell to shoot portraits for AWC Detroit’s new marketing campaign. “We chose to feature our own members to illustrate how women from a wide range of occupations and ages work in communications in metro Detroit. By growing and engaging new memberships, we can expand our abilities to offer greater networking, educational and career opportunities,” says Farley.

The first ad, which features marketing and PR guru Louise Hackett, ran in the February 2018 issue of Corp! Magazine. Images of other AWC members taken at Stage 3 are showing up on the website and social media banners.

Stage 3 Production’s profile is included in the AWC Detroit Business Directory, along with those of other entrepreneurial members offering creative services, PR, marketing and publishing.