In 1999, AWC Detroit member Sue Voyles made the decision to start Logos Communications. Twenty years later, she can say that it’s been hard work, disappointing at times, fun, challenging, and exhilarating – but never dull.

Q. Why did you go into the communications field?

 A. I’m one of the lucky people who always knew “what I wanted to be.” Writing has been my lifelong calling, and telling great stories is my passion. For 20-plus years I’ve been a writer, journalist, communicator, media pitching expert and storyteller across a variety of industries.

Q. How do you describe your company?

A. Our elevator pitch is: “At Logos Communications, we tell the compelling stories of our clients to their target audiences through PR, writing, social media and marketing.”

Q. What are your company’s greatest strengths?

A. We make it a priority to understand our clients’ businesses and are very committed to helping them succeed. Each client has their own needs and we need to be flexible in our approach to working with them, so we tailor our services accordingly. I believe our multi-generational team whose career experiences include many sectors is also a strength.

Q. Your company has been recognized for pro-bono work. What is your philosophy about community involvement and service?

A. I believe that if you have the ability and resources to help, then you should. Our firm is very proud to be a partner to St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center in Detroit. Their mission of providing educational services to adults and children in the city is not only worthy, but their work is paving the way for a better future for metro Detroit. Giving back is gratifying and it’s a best business practice.

Q. Your office is virtual. What have been the challenges and advantages of working remotely for you and your team?

A. Interestingly enough, one of my business advisors just shared with me that a business research organization is forecasting that in two years, 40 percent of employees will be virtual. So I would say I was ahead of the curve in 1999 when I made that decision!

Since work-life balance is a core value for me personally and for Logos Communications, the advantages of being virtual is that it helps with that balance. Our team members appreciate having flexibility and that is an advantage. The challenge is that we must be really good at communicating with each other and with clients so we meet expectations. Fortunately, I have invested in various technology platforms over the years to make virtual work and communication for our team as seamless as possible.

Q. Why do you love what you do?

A. I’d say it’s because of the variety of tasks that I tackle each day. I also love it because I work in a field that has undergone many changes and I have enjoyed the journey of adapting to them. When I first started in the communications industry, using a computer for ‘word processing’ (aka writing) was still pretty new, there was no such thing as social media or email, and the term “personal brand” had not yet been coined. 

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Sue Voyles is a past president of the Detroit Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications and a recipient of many industry awards. Visit her website at: and her profile in the AWC Detroit Business Directory.