Our Mission, Vision and Values

We provide opportunities for women to lead, connect and grow at every stage in their communications career.


The Association for Women in Communications Detroit Chapter provides opportunities for connecting and supporting women in Detroit and throughout Michigan in the advancement of their careers.


We help our members grow and succeed personally and professionally. We work to transform the lives of people in our communities by inspiring literacy and supporting women’s causes. 


  • Integrity – We deliver the utmost quality of experience and opportunities to members and are looked upon as a leading organization in the communications field.
  • Intellect – We are women who are continually seeking to expand their knowledge as well as share their wisdom with others for their growth and the growth of fellow members.
  • Mentorship – We value one-on-one guidance, members are given opportunities to connect with each other and establish relationships that can enhance their career as well as their personal life.
  • Respect – We understand and celebrate our differences, each member is treated with dignity and respect for the thoughts and ideas they bring to the table.