New Member Spotlight: Renata Kostěncová

2019-10-01T17:11:23-04:00August 6, 2018|

Renata has an MBA from the University of New York in Prague, a master's in biology and chemistry, and a long history working in the pharmaceutical industry. She recently moved to the Greater Detroit area after her husband's job transfer in the auto industry. She is eager to apply her skills to digital marketing and looks forward to participating in volunteer organizations like AWC Detroit!

New Member Spotlight: Emily Shirden

2019-10-01T16:57:51-04:00July 10, 2018|

Emily Shirden relocated from Chicago to Detroit in 2014 to help build the Detroit office of Finn Partners, which now employs nearly 20 full-time communications professionals. With over 15 years in the PR biz and particular experience with national health organizations, she was recently acknowledged as a "PR Guru" by pharmaceutical marketing journal PM360.

New Member Spotlight: Julie Fracker

2019-10-02T11:48:29-04:00May 22, 2018|

Julie Fracker is the communications director for the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum. When Julie worked in media relations for Kmart, she took calls from national media after the company stopped selling handgun ammunition – a decision influenced by Michael Moore after he showed up in the company's headquarters to film a scene for his documentary Bowling for Columbine.

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