Name: Cindy Orlandi, ABC, APR, RYT

Title:  Retired and pursuing my passions

Career: I retired in 2018 from corporate America after a 40-year career in public relations and marketing with three energy companies, a high-tech public relations firm and civil engineering and planning firm.

Even though I’m retired, I’m still principal of my own firm: Cyndosura, Brilliant Communications, and open to freelance projects that may be mutually beneficial. 

I also enjoy attending classes and studying subjects of interest to me.

What You Should Know:

I retired in 2018 after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that attacks my arteries. At age 62, I decided to focus on family and projects that I am passionate about.

One of the projects will be to write a book about exercise for people who are diagnosed with the same rare autoimmune disease. When I looked for such a book, I saw one that didn’t exist, so I am about to fill a need for people who share my disease. In my case, only a specialist cardiologist was able to determine the cause and provide treatment that included angioplasty, stent, and drugs to suppress my immune system. 


BS Journalism, 1978, Bowling Green State University

MBA Marketing, 1985, University of Toledo

AWC Focus:

I was a student member and officer while attending Bowling Green State University in the 1970s.  After graduation, I became active with IABC and PRSA and only occasionally attended WIC/AWC meetings in Toledo and Detroit over the past 40 years.

I learned this summer about AWC Detroit’s program to bring Little Lending Libraries to the Detroit Public Library system. I am glad to volunteer for such a great cause with AWC.  I participated in some of the kickoff events at the Detroit libraries and also donated copies of the Love is a Dog and Some Crayons Weimaraner Coloring Book to benefit Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue.